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Searching for addiction treatment or recovery housing can feel overwhelming; however, there are several resources to help you find the appropriate care and support. Research on sober living houses also states that residents experience a higher possibility of securing employment and a lower likelihood of getting arrested. Going to a sober living house has been proven to support sobriety efforts, with results ranging from a decreased amount of relapses to long-term sobriety. Often the structure and routine of treatment programs help keep folks sober, and risking the loss of that when completing the program can be a threat to your recovery. If you or someone you know has recently quit drinking alcohol and is now sober—congratulations, quitting alcohol can be a long and difficult process. However, you might be wondering what happens now that the detox is over, you’ve completed your stay at an addiction treatment center, and it is time to go home.

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Others may limit or restrict cell phone and internet access because they can act as triggers that could lead to relapse. 1) a sincere desire to maintain complete sobriety 2) you need to be willing to follow a few rules and 3) have a good attitude. People can experience specific challenges in recovery depending on their gender. By providing separate homes, facilitators can provide gender-specific care to improve the chances of success. American Addiction Centers (AAC) is committed to delivering original, truthful, accurate, unbiased, and medically current information. We strive to create content that is clear, concise, and easy to understand.

Our Lighthouse Recovery Institute Community

Here’s a list of basic sober living rules that many homes enforce. A sober living home typically costs the same as the average apartment. Let’s explore some of the best cities for sober living, in no particular order. These cities stand out from the rest and are often the go-to city for those seeking recovery.

As Arizona sober living homes fall under scrutiny, one facility plans to run differently – FOX 10 News Phoenix

As Arizona sober living homes fall under scrutiny, one facility plans to run differently.

Posted: Mon, 02 Oct 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

But sober living homes can be beneficial for anyone in recovery who does not have a supportive, substance-free environment to go home to. To support persons in recovery by improving their access to safe, stable residences with peer and community support. Our vision is adequate housing for all individuals in recovery from a substance use disorder. While sober living houses have research touting their efficacy, it is also important to remember that they are still environments where you are living with others and the focus is on staying sober. Over the years, sober living houses have evolved to meet the needs of those in recovery. As such, sober living associations now make finding a residence easier.

Red Flag: No House Rules

Depending on the city, neighborhood and services offered, rent can range from $300 to $2,000 per month. Some sober homes do not require residents to pay utility bills, but utilities may be rationed to avoid waste. Although relapse is a common part of the recovery process, it threatens the recovery of all residents. Thus, individuals who relapse are usually removed from the sober living home as soon as possible. Many sober living homes refer the resident to a drug addiction rehab center or offer another form of treatment.

We’re not including Delray Beach on the list because that’s where we’re located. The truth is that Delray Beach offers a large number of affordable sober living housing with more than 1,200 beds in the city. This small town with a vibrant sober house atmosphere is perfect for recovering addicts. Substance use treatment providers may offer oversight in some instances, although this is not always the case. Additionally, you should get to know the people you’ll be living with.

Structured Living

Suppose you’ve recently relapsed and found that the stress of being in environments around alcohol and drugs or a lack of structure is particularly triggering. In that case, a sober living residence may be a good fit for you. Halfway houses, also known as sober re-entry programs, tend to be more structured. Sometimes they are designed specifically for formerly incarcerated folks. Other times, they function as a more intensive residential facility, meaning that there is consistent recovery programming, requirements, and staff present in the house.

  • Complimentary cable and internet provided with free laundry available on site.
  • Our sober living residents are simply not allowed to use alcohol or drugs.
  • These homes can offer an in-between option for individuals after they complete a treatment program and before they return to their homes and lives.
  • Our caring staff is always available to offer guidance and support during this trying episode in your recovery journey.
  • Our primary purpose is to foster long-term sobriety through the cultivation of accountability, camaraderie, & character development.
  • Their website includes a U.S. state directory of over 3,000 active homes.
  • Compliance with these simple rules will help maintain the safety and benevolent respectful atmosphere that is so necessary for sobriety.

Residents may also be subject to periodic drug testing to demonstrate ongoing sobriety. A sober living house is a peer-managed home designed to help people maintain sobriety. This is achieved through required sobriety, recovery group attendance, and household participation. Those who live in these houses rent rooms indefinitely and live a life in accordance with their responsibilities, like work and school.

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